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Here at Lost Winds, we're committed to educating people about the reefs, waves and islands that support the spearfishing lifestyle. From recycled packaging for Lost Winds branded merchandise, to offering products that support eco-initiatives, we strive to do our very best in the fight for global greening. Because the lifestyle doesn't end at the sand.

Who We Are

Lost Winds is a privately owned small business started by a San Clemente local, Eric Martin. Since the young age of 8, Eric surfed every break from Trestles, to 204's and fell in love with the very tide dependent surf break known locally as "Lost Winds" (Lausens Beach). In 2016 Eric saw a need for a high quality spearfishing shop both locally and online. After many spearfishing trips without the gear he needed because of poor quality options at other dive shops and slow, expensive shipping options from online stores, Eric quit his jobs and started Lost Winds.

As the top online spearfishing destination for men and women, we look to influence and set the trends by partnering with brands and athletes that bring our customer innovative products, exclusive assortment of dive and surf related gear, and exceptional service. Bringing the very best of products from established spearfishing brands such as Riffe, Cressi, Pathos, Salvimar, JBL, HECS, Gannet Dive and many more, including styles from up-and-coming spearfishing and lifestyle brands. We are carefully curating a selection of apparel, hard goods, floats, spearguns, wetsuits, boards, and more - all updated daily and delivered through relevant content, stories, images and videos that entertain, educate and engage our customers.

Our goal is to give our customers our utmost best including informed and professional opinions, as well as quick and accurate service while consistently fulfilling our promise to deliver high quality gear to your doorstep...with not too much sand in the packaging.

Our staff is comprised of experienced watermen with a combined 25+ years of experience, we are here to answer any questions you might have. Call, e-mail or leave a message on our Contact Us page as we are always around cleaning our gear or getting it ready for the next day.

Our inventory is real-time, so if the site says there’s one left, you're guaranteed to have it with in 2-3 business days. Here at Lost Winds, we are here to help and grow the sport of spearfishing, so we know how gratifying it is to receive an order before your next adventure. That’s why every order is shipped same day, with tracking and insurance.

Our goal is to be a model, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible company. Lost Winds sells specialty action sports gear to be used whenever and wherever our customers like. Whatever the spot, the experience is one in which we seek; fresh air and a connection to the environment.

As we mentioned before, you will be stoked when you shop at Lost Winds. We guarantee it. Just as we guarantee your privacy and security through check out, fast shipping and authenticity of products upon delivery.

We are spearfishermen first and will go above and beyond to get you the products you need when you need it.

Our History