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Riffe Euro Shafts


Brand Riffe
SKU: EST-3306L

Designed for RIFFE Euro Series spearguns and most other brands of European style band powered spearguns.

    Made of heat treated spring stainless steel.

    CNC machined and features our custom designed Mini Shark-Fin tabs rather than notches.

    • 1/4″ (6.35mm) and 17/64″ (6.75mm) Euroshafts come standard with RIFFE’s Mini shark-fin tabs
    • 9/32″ (7.1mm) and 19/64″ (7.5mm) Euroshafts come standard with large shark-fin tabs. Mini tabs are available upon request.
    • Shaft options:
      • 6mm thread
      • Hawaiian style (flopper on bottom) or Tahitian style (flopper on top).
      • All barbs are heat treated for strength.
      • Hawaiian/Tahitian Euroshafts 1/4″(6.35cm) *Special request only. 17/64″(6.75mm) Diameter

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