XCELWomen's Water Inspired Freedive Wetsuit


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Part of the Water Inspired Collection, this 5mm Free Diver Suit features a two-piece layer design, a long sleeve spring top and high-waisted pant.

The glideskin core top and pant helps to optimize hydrodynamics. Thermolite in the sleeves and lower leg allows durability, warmth, and easy on/off. The engineered fit system is made up of a limestone based neoprene, triple glued and blind stitched seams, and compression resistant foam to reduce buoyancy and maintain warmth.

PLEASE NOTE: This Free-Diver 2-Piece is sold as a set. The size you select below will be the size of both the Top and the High-Waisted Pant.

The Story of the Tiger Shark
"Many people cringe at the very thought of encountering a Tiger shark, yet the truth is Tiger sharks are one of the most cautious and personable species in the ocean. Due to this undeserved bad reputation, shark finning, sports fishing and the dangers of nets and longline fisheries, the Tiger shark population is now at threat with becoming endangered. It is our hope that with this partnership we can educate and raise awareness to support this shark, which is so important to our ocean’s ecosystem. The newest addition to the collaboration, the tiger shark pattern was created from the stripes of one of our favorite Tiger sharks, “Curly Girl,” utilizing biomimicry (copying nature’s designs) to mimic natural camouflage and also appear more like an apex predator. We appreciate your efforts continuing the fight to #HelpSaveSharks."

Your Support
Your personal involvement makes protecting sharks and other marine life a reality. Every single person makes an impact, so we hope you join our global community effort to save sharks and conserve the ocean environment for our present and future human and animal generations.