By Riffe

Riffe Nekton Mask | Amber Lens


SKU: MA-091

The lowest volume mask in Riffe's lineup, the Riffe Nekton Mask still delivers an impressive field of view with two large teardrop shaped lenses and a comfortable black silicone rubber skirt.

The black silicone rubber skirt blocks out unwanted light from your peripheral vision, making it the ideal diving mask for bright sunny conditions. The skirt uses varying thicknesses of silicone rubber to make it stiff and supportive in key areas, while allowing other areas to be soft and conform easily to almost any face shape.

Riffe Nekton Dive Mask Features:

  • Tear drop shaped lenses for a wide range of vision
  • Low volume design for reduced buoyancy
  • Black frame reduces glare
  • Flexible silicone rubber skirt conforms to any face shape
  • Varying thickness of the skirt makes mask more comfortable for long term wear
  • Protective box included

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