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Cressi Gara Modular Carbon Blades (One Blade)

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Brand Cressi
SKU: BH060000

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This is a Gara Modular Carbon Replacement Blade for your Gara Modular Foot Pockets. The Gara Modular Carbon Blade is an extremely lightweight and reactive blade, specifically designed for advanced apnea diving and deep-sea spear fishing. This directional carbon blade ensures unmatched responsiveness and superior thrust. This is performance that only composite fibers can deliver. The Gara Modular Blades are held to high precision standards and strict technical parameters that standard blades could never attain. These blades are built to last and will never lose their original technical characteristics, even after years of heavy use. The Gara Carbon Modular Blade is a non-vented design with edge rails to help focus the water flow down the length of the blade for efficient power and thrust. The blade measures 30.73" x 8.47" (78 cm x 21.5 cm), and is easy to install.

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