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Cressi Gara Modular LD Fins


Brand Cressi

The Cressi Gara Modular LD Green Blade is an altered version of the Gara Modular fins. The LD Green focuses on long distance by taking advantage of softer materials that require less leg power than its predecessor. The blade is made from a thermoplastic material, which is much softer but also much more efficient. The Gara Modular LD Green is designed to be easy on the feet and leg muscles so that you may cover long distances.

The modular design lets the user replace/interchange blades for specific diving purposes, which make the perfect fin to grow with, as the diver can change blades as the diver's skills increase. Any standard fiberglass or carbon fiber long blade will interchange in minutes without any modifications (see SKU's CSBCBC and CSBCBBK). The self-adjusting foot pocket is constructed with the most modern multi compound joining process to deliver a foot pocket that can offer comfort and suppleness around the foot where desired and yet have stiffer compounds under the foot pocket and heel area where power transfer takes place. The angle of the blade provides the ultimate in efficiency during the kick cycle requiring less energy to load the blade.

The non-vented blade is equipped with edge rails to help focus the water flow down the length of the blade for efficient power and thrust. Each blade measures 30.73" (78cm) in length, has a maximum width of 8.47" (21.5cm) and weighs approximately 2 lbs. (915 g). Each fin length is from 34.28" to 36.45" (87 cm to 92.5 cm), depending on the fins foot pocket size. The Gara can be comfortably worn with or without neoprene socks. Fins are available in multiple sizes.


  • Cressi Gara Modular LD Green:
  • Altered Version of Gara Modular Fins
  • Softer Thermoplastic Blade
  • Require Less Leg Power than Carbon Version
  • Softer-But-Also-Efficient
  • Designed to Be Easy on Feet and Leg Muscles
  • For Long Distance Free Diving and Spear Fishing
  • Designed to Relieve Foot Pressure and Muscle Fatigue
  • Modular System: Allows Up-Grade to Stiffer blades (see SKU's CSBCBC and CSBCBBK)
  • Foot-Pocket:
    Very Comfortable
    Composite Material
    Soft Rubber Around-the-Foot Arch
    Rigid-Part Along-the-Sides and Traction Surface
    Fins Can-Be Worn with Diving Socks
    Self-Adjusting Foot-Pocket
  • Blade Dimensions: (L x W) 29.9" x 8.47" (76 cm x 21.5 cm)
  • Fin Overall Length: 33.48" to 35.65" (85 cm to 9.55 cm) Size Dependent
  • Weight (each Fin): Approximately: 2 lbs. (915 g)
  • Non-Vented Blade Design
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

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