H2 Carbon Fiber Travel Polespear


The H2 Travel Polespear is a game-changer for spearfishermen wanting to develop and hone their hunting skills. With the H2 Pole Spear, you'll experience unparalleled power and precision, allowing you to take down bigger, faster targets. 

2.5% of all spear sales are donated to kelp forest restoration meaning you can feel good knowing your purchase benefits not just you, but all other Spearos as well. With the H2 you're not just gearing up, you're giving back to the sea.
  • Locally handcrafted in Orange County from premium carbon fiber
 in collaboration with the OC Freediver's Club members and Lost Winds Crew.
  • 20mm (.79") diameter for a comfortable, fatigue-free grip

  • 2 meter length, aprroximately 6'7" (pre-tip)
 7'10" w/ slip tip
  • Forward grip position for stealth and extended shot length

  • Includes 36" H2 band and H2 slip tip
  • Positively Buoyant (won't lose it if you drop it!)
  • Compatible with all 6mm threaded tips including , three prongs, rock tips, and floppers.
$285.00 USD

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