OMER Slalom Snorkel

$35.00 $28.00

Brand OMER
SKU: EASN112112

OMER Slalom Snorkel is backordered and will ship separately within 1-3 days.

The Omer Slalom Snorkel is designed to fit ergonomically on the side of the diver's head and increase the diver's hydrodynamics when on the hunt. The shape of the tube is very low profile and fits snugly on the side of the divers head. The Slalom Snorkel design is also ideal to enter caves without the risk of pegging the snorkel on the rocks.

When the diver is on the surface the snorkels shape helps avoid water entry even in rough seas. The diameter of the tube is increased and designed to facilitate easy ventilation. The snorkel is made with two different materials and the terminal end is made in a softer thermoplastic material.

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