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Brand POM
SKU: 32323-CarbonFiber

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*TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK DUE TO NAME CHANGE, BACK ORDERING IS AVAILABLE & WILL SHIP ASAP POM Decks has created a revolutionary carbon fiber skateboard deck. This deck is light, strong, waterproof and sleek. This cruising deck is not only unique in looks, but in construction. This board reinforced with carbon fiber is unbreakable! This deck comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Yes, POM Decks is so confident that they're decks are so strong that your shredding wont splinter, crack or break this deck. So what does that mean? You manage to splinter, crack or break your deck send your board back to Lucid Decks and they will fix or replace your deck for free! POM Decks has a limited stock and are subject to a 2 week wait time. What does that mean? We try are very best to ship orders asap, however due to the high demand of this new product it could take up to 2 weeks for you to receive your deck. Specifications: Length: 27" Width: 8" Construction: Carbon Fiber Flex: Stiff **Deck Only**