Reef Runner Spear Tip Protector Cap


SKU: MA-RR-Orange

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This is the Reef Runner Spear Tip Protector

Cap fits shafts 6mm and Larger 2-PACK!


  • Snugly fits spear shafts and fishing gaffs from 0.25" - 0.50" diameter and even three-pronged paralyzer tips.
  • Sold in two-packs in your choice of Blue, Orange, or Green.
  • Design by experienced waterman and ocean engineering nerds, ReefRunner soft tips are optimized for functionality and offer significant improvements over the other guys.
  • Designed with our Tri-Chamber Technology, ReefRunner soft tips are the only tip protectors on the market that fit all standard fishing gaffs and spearfishing shafts.
  • Their brightly-colored, square design makes it easy to keep track of them when you're fishing topside or hunting under water. No rolling, sliding, or hiding.
  • ReefRunner soft tips will change the way you store, transport, and handle your gear.

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