By Riffe

Riffe 3 Atmosphere Torpedo Float + Air Gauge and Adapter

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The RIFFE 3 Atmosphere Torpedo Float is designed to maintain lift up to a maximum of 95 lbs at a depth of 66 ft and flotation beyond 100ft.

Pressurize up to 25 lbs PSI.

Ultra-durable vinyl coated 320 lb./sq. vinyl coated tear strength outer layer (22oz).

Inner replaceable urethane bladder has a reinforced 1000lb.

Denier nylon casing to maintain equal pressure throughout the bladder.

Side zipper and (5) reinforced 1 ½” Nylon straps with stainless steel buckles grant access to the inner replaceable urethane bladder.

Soft lead may be added when using flag.

33 Liter Side zipper for access to inner bladder.

(5) Heavy duty marine grade stainless steel buckles with 1 1/2” nylon straps reinforcing zipper.

Two side handles, one rear handle, stainless steel D ring includes emergency flair holder (flair not included) Set up to use a flag & ballast weight of 3 lbs lead shot (flag & weight not included) Air Pressure Gauge and Schrader Valve Adapter included May be filled by either an air compressor, scuba tank, or simply by using a bicycle pump.

Be sure to use an air pressure gauge while inflating.

Excess pressure may damage the float (see warning below). Safety orange color.

Suggested filling method: Orally inflate to fill volume of float, then complete with compressor or scuba tank Excessive heat may increase pressure in float causing rupture.

Do not store inflated float in hot environment temperature when filling to allow for expansion/contraction.

When filled with cold compressed air, pressure will increase with temperature increase. Fill slightly less than 25psi in a hot environment.

Check float air pressure 20 minutes after inflating to ensure pressure has not exceeded 25psi.

Made in the USA.