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Salvimar Nebula 3.5mm Wetsuit


Brand Salvimar

The Salvimar Nebula 3.5mm two piece open cell wetsuit, has an outside that is made of polyurethane for strength and durability. Salvimar Nebula Camo design on the surface for a stealth appearance while on the hunt, on a highly resistant semiduraprene rubber material. Inside is an open cell" neoprene with an excellent elastic memory. Puff-Gum sternal protection for comfort when loading your spear gun. External blind stitching on semiduraprene for added comfort. Strong Puff-Gum reinforcements on elbows and knees for high wear areas. Suit has an attached hood and beaver tail with twist closures.


  • Salvimar Nebula 3.5mm Two Piece Wetsuit
  • Exterior: Polyurethane for Strength and Durability
  • Nebula Camo Design: Stealth Appearance while On-the-Hunt
  • Construction: Highly Resistant Semiduraprene Rubber Material
  • Inside Open Cell Neoprene w/Excellent Elastic Memory
  • Puff-Gum Sternal Protection for Comfort when Loading Spear Gun
  • External Blind Stitching on Semiduraprene for Added Comfort
  • Strong Puff-Gum Reinforcements on Elbows and Knees for High Wear Areas
  • Attached Hood Top
  • Beaver Tail w/Twist Closures
  • Available in Multiple Sizes


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