ScubaPro Jet Fins - Black


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Setting the standard back in 1965, yet still today the choice of many experienced divers the ultimate Jet Fins made from high-quality rubber.

The Jet Fin was original and still is the most popular fins for commercial and military use because of its very powerful propulsion. The Jet Fin is the choice of diving professionals. This classic old school" designed fin allows you to join the ranks of the professional divers with the ScubaPro Jet Fins. These fins are used by instructors and dive masters around the world who demands power and durability in a vented fin. Classic design gives excellent propulsion and comfort when fining. Fins provide exceptional speed with minimal effort.

The vented blade design allows water to flow-through the vents on the weaker down-stroke of fining, reducing pressure and providing less strain on the leg. When fining in the up-stroke, due to the angle of the vent, the fin reacts as a solid blade for maximum power and propulsion.

Jet Fins come equipped with strong and durable spring fin straps with plastic and metal buckles for bulletproof reliability. Do you find yourself frustrated while trying to adjust your fin Straps while floating in the water or while wearing bulky diving gloves? Have you ever discovered that your fin strap was too tight or too loose too late? The spring heel straps offer ditching/donning ease and dive long comfort. You'll never battle fin straps again. These corrosion resistant straps have a comfortable cover and steel springs that are depth compensating so they will contract when you go to depth and your boots compress with the increase of water pressure. They will also re-expand upon ascent.