Seadive SeaLite Frameless Mask - RayBlocker-HD

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Brand SeaDive

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The SeaLite frameless mask features single-piece construction so it is very lightweight.

RayBlocker-HD lens coatings use Sharper Image Technology, a RayBlocker exclusive, for a brighter, sharper image. Not only do they reduce harmful UV rays and glare, they also have a blue tint coating on the inside that reduces eye strain for comfortable viewing.

Easy adjust buckles are attached directly to the mask skirt for a better, more comfortable seal.

The single lens provides an unobstructed field of view.

The mask skirt features a double feathered edge seal for water-tightness

All Seadive Masks have tempered lenses.

The mask strap is wide in back so that it remains in position.

The mask skirt is made from the highest quality black silicone. Black silicone prevents unwanted light from entering the sides of the mask.

Silicone mask skirt is hypoallergenic.

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