XS Scuba Wrist Depth Gauge


Brand XS Scuba
SKU: GA450
The XS Scuba's Wrist Depth Gauge is an Air Filled Steel Diaphragm Depth Gauge with a 0 to 60 meters Readout and Maximum Depth Indicator. The Maximum Depth Indicator Needle is pushed by the Gauge Depth Needle until the diver meets their maximum depth and will remain there for the duration of the dive to indicate the divers Deepest Depth Reached during the dive. This feature allows the diver to not record that depth while actually diving, yet will be available upon surfacing for later calculations for repetitive dives. The colored graphics of the Gauge Face allow quick glance monitoring with bright red depth indicators at strategic positions on the gauge face. The red indicators are at depths beyond the standard sport limits of 40 to 60 meters. Gauge face is luminescent for low light situations. Depth Gauge comes with a Durable Rubber Wrist Boot with Strap. Features: - Depth Readout: 60 meters Maximum - Air Filled, Steel Diaphragm Construction - Maximum Depth Indicator Needle - Max. Depth Indicator is Great for Logging Dive Information - Color Coded for Safety - Luminescent Gauge Face - Durable Rubber Boot with Wrist Strap