Cressi Gara Modular Foot Pockets

By Cressi

The Gara Modular Foot Pocket (Pair), is a complete replacement or addition to your long fin arsenal.

The fins foot pocket is a self-adjusting design that is very comfortable and comes in a composite material, soft rubber around the foot arch, for flexibility and comfort, and a rigid plastic along the sides and foot sole traction surface. The foot pocket design allows the fins to be worn with diving socks or bare feet depending on diver's choice and water temperature. The foot pockets have a large easy to grab heel pull tab for easy donning and doffing, even when wearing gloves. These foot pockets come with all hardware necessary mounting interchangeable your fin blades. Foot pockets work with the Cressi interchangeable blades Gara Modular Carbon Black Blade (SKU: CSBCBBK) and Gara Modular Carbon Camouflage Blade (SKU: CSBCBC). Foot pockets are available in multiple sizes.

Add professional fin blade installation: Professional Fin Install

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