Cressi Piovra Dry Backpack

By Cressi

The Piovra Dry emerges as the ideal backpack catering to the needs of freediving and spearfishing enthusiasts.

Crafted from water-repellent material, though not entirely watertight, it boasts a main compartment featuring breathable, anti-moisture mesh at the bottom.

This space is designed to effortlessly accommodate freediving essentials like a wetsuit, long fins (up to 100 cm • 39 1/4 in), mask, mouthpiece, belt, knife, and various accessories.

Additionally, the secondary compartment, an external pocket, doubles as a "cooler" with refrigerator-like insulation, perfect for transporting cold drinks or freshly caught fish.

The external elastic, complemented by braided laces, offers versatility for inserting items such as towels.

Both sides are equipped with secure fixing systems tailored for two spearguns.

The top of the bag features a convenient D-ring.

For ease of transportation, the two carrying straps are adjustable, and a side handle ensures a comfortable grip.

Enhancing safety, a reflective print on the front promotes greater visibility.

To safeguard your gear, the main compartment incorporates eyelets suitable for a padlock.

The Piovra Dry stands as a versatile and reliable companion for underwater adventures.

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