Cressi Pole Spear Power Band Rubber

By Cressi

You just arrived at the dive site and the divers are all getting ready to slip-in the water for a day of spear fishing.

You check your spear pole and realize your hand spears band has cracks in the rubber! Having the right spares on-hand, when out on a spear fishing trip, is important to a successful day of hunting.

The Cressi Pole Spear Power Band is designed for the Cressi's Pole Spears (see SKU's: CSBAPS3 and CSBPSFG) and can get you out of a jam as described above, if you have a spare in your save-a-dive-kit. This durable black rubber band comes with line ready for attachment to the pole spear.

Power Band rubber measures 74 cm (29.1") in length with a cord length of 22cm (8.7") for a total length of 96cm (37.8").

The dive you save may just be your own!

€12,95 EUR

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SKU: FZ390007