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Cressi Zeus Mask


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ZEUS provides a series of technical advantages that Cressi has been incorporating in different models in the last seasons. It combines a great technology with a captivating design and standard proportions, both on the frame and on the skirt.

Its exclusive structure integrates the frame in the skirt instead of overlapping them. This exclusive construction system, that allows the assembly without any glue, reduces the thickness to an absolute minimum, thus improving the internal volume, visibility and adaptation of the mask to the face. In addition, it reduces its weight to 125 g in total and gives the mask the structural rigidity of a traditional mask, but with the advantages of a frameless mask. It also improves the mask’s watertightness, eliminates any possibility of annoying contact between the frame and the forehead and eliminates vision from inside of the central area of the frame

FOG STOP system. A thin silicone membrane around the nose acts as a deflector, so that the warm air coming from the nose, when compensating for external pressure, is not concentrated directly onto the lenses, thus reducing the tendency to fog that is commonly found in small volume masks. This membrane also has the function of stabilizing the mask on the face, which remains firmly secured, regardless of the possible movements of the face or the effect of pressure variations.

Its structure optimizes empty spaces and reduces the internal volume to only 95 cm³. The distance between lens and face has been reduced to such an extent that the facial does not reach the known suction effect, but simply rests on the face, ensuring an excellent seal, thanks to its design and the studied ratio of thickness / rigidity of the silicone.

The inclined Big Eyes lens system is prolonged by soft curved lines over the cheekbones, improving lower and lateral visibility, which are virtually limitless. The special structure and adaptation studied in the delicate area of the frontal bone optimize the superior visibility, without damaging the adaptation ability.

The buckles, anchored to the frame for optimal stability of the mask and for a tension always determined by the user, are fully folding and tilting in all directions. Therefore, the possibility of breakage is almost zero. This type of anchorage also improves the stability of the mask, as the tension of the strap is produced on a rigid element and the movements of the snorkel or face do not affect the skirt.

Colors in black silicone version: black-black, black-gold, black-silver, black-black iridium, black-red, gray-black, black-white, metallic blue.

Technical features:

- Inclined lenses according to the Big Eyes system

- 100% folding and tilting buckles anchored to the frame

- Available in black and Crystal silicone

- Internal volume: 95 cm3

- Weight: 125 g

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