Docs Pro Plugs For Scuba Diving and Freediving


Protect your sensitive inner ear with Doc's Proplugs, specially developed ear plugs to prevent swimmers ear and other ear pain. Ear plugs keep water from entering the ear canal, preventing the flushing of water in and out of the ear that causes cold exposure and the erosion of delicate skin and wax. Proplugs keeps your ear canal dry down to 20 feet; once deeper depths are reached, water is allowed in for equalization.

These special ear plugs include a Scott's valve to allow for easy equalization and hearing. These vented plugs also reduce the abrupt pressure changes from reaching the sensitive eardrum, perfect for scuba divers and especially freedivers who rapidly move through pressure changes from underwater to the surface. Proplugs still allow air to escape when ascending. If you have pressure sensitive eardrums, wearing Doc's Proplugs can aid equalization and prevent ear problems!

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