Mori Game Bag

By Mori

Mori's Newly Released Game Bag!

This newly designed bag was originally invented by Pat Bien of Santa Barbara back in the 90’s.  Essentially, its just a mesh bag you wear around your waist to collect game, shells, whatever.  Mori originally started making these for catching spiny lobsters and Abalone, but now that the netting mesh is smaller and stronger, you can use it for more than that.

The difference is the webbing! It is made of nylon commercial fishing netting which has smaller holes, so you can use is to retain scallops, octopus, crabs, clams, and much more without fear of them falling through the holes. The netting is designed to stretch outwards but not lengthwise. The zip ties were replaced with a couple double constrictor knots.

Like everything made by Mori, you can expect the best quality and workmanship. 

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Color: Black
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