PADI Divemaster Crew-Pack


Ready to become a PADI Dive Master?


This PADI Scuba Divemaster Crew Pack includes all required materials for the Divemaster course including:

* PADI Divemaster manual
* Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving (paperback version)
* Divemaster slates version
* PADI Instructor manual (access card)
* Divemaster application
* eRDPML (access card)

Purchasing the crewpak offers substantial savings versus buying a la carte items. The required materials decal is also included.

The candidate is also required to view the Divemaster DVD (70844E/F/S) and have their own RDP table (60099 imperial or 60054 metric).

Bonus Materials:

PADI Pro logbook
Discover Scuba Diving Cue Card
ReActivate (access card)
Mesh Pro Bag

€525,95 EUR

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