SurfFur Waterparka


Designed to be worn before your water session to heat up, in-between to re-heat, and after to restore your body's core temperature. It will warm and protect even when wet. The Surf-fur Original Waterparka is an extra-long dive parka/swim parka/changing robe that creates privacy while getting out of wet stuff in the parking lot or on the beach. Our windproof, waterproof and breathable* parka is great for shielding you from wind gusts while on a boat, wrapping around your core to pre-warm before jumping in, or just throwing it over all your wet gear to protect your car seat. It's also the perfect addition to your Vanlife experience!


  • Windproof-waterproof-breathable swim/dive parka
  • Hidden slit "Zen" pockets to easily access the interior for quick changes
  • Extra-long to protect past your knees
  • Built-in neck warmer for added warmth and to keep wind and water sprays out
  • Adjustable 3-panel hood for a perfect fit
  • Front corrosion-proof stainless steel reversible snaps
  • Polar fleece-lined arms and hood
  • Machine washable
  • Inner velcro phone and key pocket
  • Longer back hem to "bend over with confidence" while changing
  • The garment is reversible to put the dry side in and the wet side out post-change
  • Quick Dry
€207,95 EUR

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SKU: SF-9002-2-S