Suunto Tank Pod

By Sunnto

Wireless tank pressure transmitter for Suunto D5, Suunto EON Steel, EON Steel Black and EON Core. 

Easily read key dive details on your wrist

Enjoy increased comfort and safety during the dive and use your Suunto D5, Suunto EON Core, Suunto EON Steel or Suunto EON Steel Black together with Suunto Tank POD.

Paired with Suunto Tank POD, simply check the dive computer on your wrist for

  • accurate gas pressure reading
  • remaining gas time
  • clear color-coding indicating gas level
  • low in gas warning, so you will have enough time for a safe ascend
  • setting your own gas alarms

The pairing procedure is very intuitive; just pressurize the system and hold your Suunto D5, Suunto EON Steel, Suunto EON Steel Black or Suunto EON Core close to the Tank POD.

High quality and tested tough

Suunto Tank POD has a safe and robust construction according to the most stringent European safety standards and the built-in Suunto quality. The Suunto Tank POD comes cleaned for oxygen service to provide that extra added safety when diving with higher oxygen concentrated gases like Nitrox. With the built-in gas alarms Suunto Tank POD along with your Suunto dive computer will never let you down.

Follow your development as a diver

After diving, transfer your dive logs easily over Bluetooth to your mobile. In Suunto app you can analyze your gas consumption and follow how it develops the more dive experience you gain.

With Suunto app on your mobile, share your underwater adventures with friends and be the first to know of software updates bringing new features to your dive computer.

Made in Finland

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