Underwater Kinetics Rechargeable Battery Pack for C8 (L2) eLed and Light Cannon (L1)

The optional battery pack for the Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED L2 and Light Cannon (L1) dive lights.
Optional battery pack is an airline-safe, long-life, rechargeable battery pack that is great for the traveling diver who wants to avoid paying Island prices for alkaline cells which may have been sitting on the shelve for who knows how long! With the optional rechargeable battery pack the light provides a whopping 1200 lumens of brightness for a burn time of 3-hours in high-mode and 560 lumens of brightness in low-mode for 5.3-hours of burn time. These NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery packs require the Underwater Kinetics Charger for C8 eLED (L2) and Light Cannon (L1) for proper and safe recharging of batteries (see SKU: UKTCHC8ELC).
  • Underwater Kinetics Battery Pack for C8 eLED (L2) and Light Cannon
  • Optional Battery Pack for SKU's: UKTC8E2R and UKTLCE1 Lights
  • Airline-Safe, Long-Life, Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Great for Traveling Diver
  • No Down-Time Due to No-Spare Battery
  • Avoid Island Prices
  • High Mode: Provides a Whopping 1200 Lumens of Brightness for 3-Hour Burn Time
  • Low-Mode: 560 Lumens of Brightness for 5.3-Hour Burn Time
  • Battery Type: NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride)
  • Requires: Underwater Kinetics Charger for C8 eLED (L2) and Light Cannon see SKU: UKTCHC8ELC
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