XS Scuba Stainless Steel Weight Keeper / Retainer with D-Ring


Do your Weights Slide Back-and-Forth on your Weight Belt?

Sometimes they slide far enough to open the Weight Belt Buckle!

Swimming underwater with your Weight Belt slipping down over your thighs is not a pretty sight nor is it safe!

This Stainless Steel Weight Keeper with D-Ring will eliminate those problems forever!

Thread through the first belt slot on a weight and then thread the 2" (5.1 cm) belt through one of the weight keeper's slots, follow the belt through the second weight keeper slot and finish by threading the belt through the final weight slot and bingo!

Bonus, you also have a D-Ring to attach a light, game bag or other accessory item. Instructors, you can also use this Keeper for attaching an ascent line to a weight belt used as an anchor! Weight keepers make a Great Save-a-Dive Kit Item. Keeps Weight in Place No Accidental Weight Belt Release Increases Safety Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Doubles as Accessory Attachment Point Attach a Light, Game Bag or other Accessory Items.

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