Riffe Marauder Series Speargun

By Riffe
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Meet The Marauder, a sleek, streamlined silhouette formed from a 5 laminate mahogany wood stock.

Produced at Riffe's manufacturing facility in San Clemente, CA with leading technology, an ultra precise design is born. Comprised of 3 models, 47, 55, and 63, the Marauder Series covers an array of spearfishing environments from reef and inshore to blue water hunting. The closed band slot design, a new feature which requires Tie In Power Bands, combined with our new Euro Style M-Tab Spear Shaft delivers extra band stretch for maximum power. Unique new rifle style Push Button Safety ensures a smooth, quick release when target is in sight. Whether hunting snapper along reef or wahoo and tuna in the open water, The Marauder has got you covered.

The Marauder is available in 3 sizes to cover most hunting environments. 

  • Marauder 47- Inshore and reef
  • Marauder 55 - All around hunting
  • Marauder 63 - A Bluewater speargun capable of longer shots for pelagic fish 
  • Marauder 63S -  Same as 63 with upgraded 5/16 shaft, 4" slip tip and (3) 5/8 power bands

Shooting Range

  • 47 19.75’ (6m)
  • 55 23.75’ (7.24m)
  • 55S 23.75’ (7.24m)
  • 63 27.25’ (8.31m)
  • 63S 27.25’ (8.31m)