Riffe Descender Plastic Long Blade Fins

By Riffe
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Offers an affordable choice for your daily dives.

Developed to withstand the rigors of spearfishing in rough conditions and beyond.

Polypropylene long blade design stores more energy to produce a strong thrust with minimal effort.

Paired with RIFFE's Veloc Foot Pocket featuring a streamlined fit, made of Thermoplastic Rubber and a 20 degree angle for the optimum power stroke.

Lightweight and comfortable.

Available in a variety of sizes for the perfect fit.

Available Sizes:

  • 36/37 (2-3)
  • 38/39 (4-5)
  • 40/41 (6-7)
  • 42/43 (8-9)
  • 44/45 (10-11)
  • 46/47 (12-13)