1. Focus on enjoying the ocean and being comfortable in the water.

  2. Be calm in the water and realize the effect that your own attitude will have on the fish.

  3. Get the right gun and rigging for the species of fish you are hunting.

  4. Spending time in the water and don’t worry about what moon phase. That comes later.

  5. For more down time, dive straight to your target depth.

  6. Dive with as many people as you can. (Not at the same time) Groups of two to four are good.

  7. Identify your fears. You will overcome them and broaden your hunting reach.

  8. Be humble so you can see the opportunities when they present themselves.

  9. Take it slow. Gradual consistent progress is better than pushing hard and injuring/killing yourself.

  10. Know the species, the size and the limits to all of the fish you are hunting. If you don’t know what those are pass on the fish, go home and do the research first.

  11. Find somebody who you can learned from and can introduced you into the sport. Somebody who you enjoy being around. They don’t have to know they are teaching you.

  12. No fish is worth your life.

  13. Go out there and have fun. Be aware. Nothing makes you a good diver like doing it.

  14. Don’t be wasteful only shoot what you are going to eat.

  15. Go in with a specific target in mind. Learn about it before you get in the water and don’t just shoot anything that moves.

  16. Practice out of the water too. Relax, calm your mind, and then practice your breath holds.

  17. Find your own dive spots. Don’t rely on reports or try to ask everybody for a dive spot. Go dive and just plan on some days of “I'm just gonna go and try to find a new rock”.

  18. Join a dive club.

  19. Get the right gear. It doesn’t mean the most expensive gun but it does mean understanding the equipment and what you want you want from it before you go out and waste money on something that is mediocre.

  20. Breathe up after each dive. Breathe normally and relax on the surface for twice as long as your down time. A dive computer can is the best way to keep track of your dive intervals.

  21. Put in your time basically don’t go for the huge fish when you starting out do a lot of shore dives before you go blue water.

  22. Dive without your gun sometimes.

  23. Respect the sport and the people you dive with and respect in this case means, respecting your catch, respecting your fish eating what you shoot and respect the other people’s dive spot they share with you.

  24. Strive to be a master of your sport. Strive to master all parts of the sport. The techniques, the gear, the language, the fish, the charts, the gear, the etiquette, you get the picture. Part of being a master is learning from other masters. So, you need to be humble and open up to what other people have to say.