Lost Winds Dive Shop stocks a wide range of spearfishing equipment and other diving products...but what do you actually need to get started spearfishing?

Like with most sports, spearfishing equipment comes in range of budget friendly to high-end. Lost Winds makes it easy to purchase the right equipment for your specific spearfishing environment. 

Mask & Snorkel

A dive mask allows you to see underwater! The snorkel on the other hand is what allows you to breath. You really need to invest in BOTH mask and snorkel to go spearfishing.

Long Blade Fins

Spearfishing long blade fins help propel divers through that water while spearfishing. Most spear fishermen prefer the long blade fins because they provide more power for less effort.


Wetsuits are also a very important piece of spearfishing equipment as they are what you will wear while spearfishing. An open cell wetsuit provides the diver with insulation against the cold where and allow for maximum flexibility. 


Dive gloves are another important piece of spearfishing equipment. Spearfishing gloves are neoprene gloves with grip added to them which allows you to hold onto rocks and reef without being cut, grab lobster, crabs, urchins, etc.. and manage fish without them slipping away.


It is unsafe to dive without a dive knife as unexpected tangles (rope, kelp, and fishing lines) may be fatal if you are unable to escape. Additionally knives are usedo killing fish once they have been speared,When spearfishing please take a dive knife as it is used to  making it a vital piece of the spearfishing equipment. 

Weight Belt & Weights

Weight belts and weights are necessary for to neutral the buoyancy of the wetsuit neoprene so divers can descend without excessive energy and using too much oxygen. it ids recommend to be positively bouyant down to10m so, in the case of a blackout, the spearfisher does not sink. It is recommended to add accessories such as weight retainers and d-ring retainer to attach game bags and lights to.

Float, Floatline & Dive Flag

A float with a dive flag is one of the best safety equipment necessity for spearfishing as it alerts boaters to the fact that there are divers in the area and they should not come within 50m of that dive flag. This will prevent possibly fatal or crippling injuries caused by propellers, as well as ensuring your gun is not ripped from your hands if a boat unknowingly motors across your float line.

Another advantage of having a float and float line is that you will be able to hold onto your gun when shooting large fish, knowing that you will be able to get to the surface for air while still retaining your gun and catch.

Speargun Reel

When shooting into caves, or around rocks and reef, your shaft may get stuck. Having a reel means that you are able to easily track down your fish while your gun safely floats on the surface even in poor visibility or strong current.


No spearfishing equipment set is complete without a speargun. Spearguns are available in a range of different sizes that are suitable for targeting different size fish in different environments. The size of the fish you are targeting usually determines the size of the speargun. A good rule of thumb is 50cm - 90cm for reef (depending on visibility - 75cm is perfect fo southern california. 100cm - 130cm spearguns for kelp and paddy hopping and 140cm - 170cm for Tuna and other large pelagic game fish.