SeaDive Superview HD Mask

By SeaDive

The SeaDive Superview HD Mask is the perfect accessory for underwater exploration. Its classic teardrop lens, combined with Optical MultiCoat Technology, HD coating, and Anti-Fog coating, offers exceptional clarity and reduces harmful UV and glare.

The adjustable strap fits most medium-to-large faces, providing a comfortable and secure fit. Enjoy worry free exploration with the SeaDive Superview HD Mask.

The SeaDive Oceanways Superview-HD mask displays a classic teardrop shaped single glass lens to improve most of your underwater vision.

The lens includes the Optical MultiCoat Technology. HD "High Definition" lenses minimize harmful UV and glare. Reduce lightwave length to 400-600 nanometers-less harsh white light-BluRay for comfortable human-eye viewing-improved definition at all depths.

The HD coating offers exceptionally clear underwater vision. This mask's features include a solid impact proof plastic frame attached to a black skirt and an adjustable strap. The Anti-Fog coating present on the inside of the lens reduces the tendency to fog. The Superview-HD mask fits most medium-to-large faces. Offers a mirrored affect on outside to hide your eyes and a polarized affect when looking out.

  • High Definition Single Lense
  • Super Soft Silicone Skirt
  • Vision Brightening Lense
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Tear Drop Rigid Frame


¥13,700 JPY ¥15,200
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