SeaDive SeaFire RayBlocker HD Mask

By SeaDive
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The SeaDive SeaFire RayBlocker HD Mask offers superior visibility underwater with its anti-reflective, 100% transmission of light tempered glass coatings.

Get optimal clarity and better protection from surface grit and UV/glare. Enjoy enhanced vision and comfort with this field-tested, dealer-approved mask.

SeaDive/Oceanways ARC coatings now allow almost 100% transmission of light. Standard tempered glass has a minimum of 4%-plus rate of reflection which can seriously distort underwater vision.

Only SeaDive/Oceanways has licensed application and laboratory fabrication. Only SeaDive/Oceanways has six-plus years of dealer/customer satisfaction. Only SeaDive/Oceanways offers RayBlocker fog-free lens masks. SeaDive RayBlocker SeaFire - HD Mask provides the Best overall for all diving/snorkeling conditions. The lenses reduce harmful UV/glare, surface grit in eyes and provide overall greater clarity. When you come up for a dive the lenses provide quick vision-return from surface making this the instructor's choice in mask design.

The RayBlocker Free Diver HD Mask low volume design prolongs the need for equalizing and allows for easy clearing. The swivel buckles of the mask are integrated into the mask frame. Rather than use a traditional snap-together" frame the Free Diver mask uses an integrated frame to keep the volume low and keep drag to a minimum. The XS Scuba RayBlocker SeaFire HD Mask has tempered glass lenses, a high-quality silicone skirt and head strap. The mask skirt is a double feathered edge design and the wide split style head strap combined for a comfortable and excellent seal on the face. The mask is equipped with a large easy to reach one-hand nose pocket for ear equalization. Mask comes with a protective mask box for transport and storage.


  • Six Years in Development
  • Anti-Reflective (ARC) Mask Coatings of Tempered Glass
  • SeaDive/Oceanways ARC Coatings Allows Almost 100% Transmission of Light
  • Integrated Frame Keeps Volume Low and Keeps Drag to Minimum
  • Best Overall for All Diving/Snorkeling Conditions"
  • Lenses Reduces Harmful UV/Glare, Surface Grit in Eyes & Provide Overall Greater Clarity
  • Quick Vision-Return from Surface, Instructor's Mask of Choice!
  • Low Volume Design: Prolongs Need for Equalizing
  • Dual Tempered Glass Lenses
  • Great Field-of-Vision
  • Double Feathered Edge High Quality Black Silicone Rubber Skirt
  • Wide Split Style Silicone Rubber Mask Strap
  • Feathered Skirt & Wide Strap Design Combined for a Perfect Seal on Face
  • Ergonomic Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
  • Easy Adjust Swivel Buckle System
  • Protective Mask Box