Spare Air Easy Dive Explorer Kit


The is a complete dive & Easy-Dive Kit snorkel system.

Just grab this unit and you are ready for your next dive & snorkeling adventure. No longer limited to the surface and quick underwater swims, snorkelers can take occasional deeper dives to explore the shallows, with less equipment than a full diver would require. The Easy-Dive Explorer Kit is perfect for any situation where you want to jump in the water quickly particularly if you don't want to spend a lot of time setting up dive gear. Whether you need to check out the bottom of a boat or find a new reef to explore, Easy-Dive has the solution to make diving simpler and quicker. The Easy-Dive Kit includes a 19-cu. ft. cylinder, custom harness, tank Easy-Dive Kit valve/first stage combo, second stage regulator, mini pressure gauge, air compressor refill adapter and incorporates the new Snorkelator.


  • Complete Dive & Easy-Dive Kit Snorkel System
  • Grab this Unit & You're Ready for Your Next Dive & Snorkeling Adventure
  • No Longer Limited to Surface and Quick Underwater Swims
  • Snorkelers Can Take Occasional Deeper Dives to Explore the Shallows
  • Less Equipment than Full Diver Requires
  • Perfect for Situations Where-You-Want to Jump in Water Quickly w/o Full Gear
Great for:
  • Retrieve Dropped Items in Water 
  • Check on Boat Propeller / Anchor Line / Perform Boat Maintenance 
  • Short-Term Pleasure Snorkel / Dive in Shallow Water 
  • Underwater Photography 
  • Underwater Hunting - for Scallops, Lobsters or Urchins
  • Easy-Dive: Solution to Make Diving Simpler and Quicker
Easy-Dive Kit Includes:
  • 19-cu. ft. Cylinder 
  • Custom Harness 
  • Easy-Dive Kit Valve/First Stage Combo 
  • Second Stage Regulator 
  • Mini Pressure Gauge 
  • Air Compressor Refill Adapter 
  • Snorkelator
Spare Air Snorkelator;
  • Patented Technology: Combines Snorkel w/Any Diving Regulator
  • Creates a Truly Unique Experience
  • Simplifying Scuba Equipment
  • Snorkelator Will Optimize the Way-You-Dive!
  • Top-of-the-Line Dry Snorkel
IST 3D Flex Dry Snorkel;
  • Special Dry Top Has Not 1 But 4 Valves
  • Each Valve Capable of Blocking Air Entrance Independently
  • Valve Submerged Closes Tube w/Remaining Valves Open to Breathe
  • Special Quad-Valve Dry Top Design
  • Large Purge Valve and Swiveling Snorkel Keeper
  • Flex Tube Section Fall-Away from Divers' Face
Regulator Connection;
  • Core of Snorkelator; Strategically Placed O-Rings
  • O-Rings, Magic Rings of Rubber, Seal Off the 2-Air Sources
  • Allows Diver to Seamlessly Switch Between Regulator and Snorkel
  • Easy to Install on Regulator w/Tie-Wrap (see SKU: AQUTW10)
  • Easy-Use Switch Assembly, Snorkel/Regulator
  • Dimensions: (L x W x Dia.) 18" x 5" x 3"(45.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 7.6 cm)
  • Weight: 9.08 oz. (257.4 g)
  • Materials: ABS Plastic and Silicone Rubber
  • Depth Rating: 30' (9.1 meters)
Regulator First Stage/Valve;
  • Balanced Piston Design
  • Regulator/Valve Threads Directly into Neck of Cylinder
  • Eliminates Need or Bulk of Cylinder Valve
  • Sure Grip On/Off Valve Hand-Wheel, Easy to Turn Even w/Gloved Hands
  • Three 3/8"-24 UNF Threaded Low Pressure Ports
  • One 7/16"-20 UNF Threaded High Pressure Port
  • Marine Grade Chrome Platted Brass Body for Corrosion Resistance and Long Life
Second Stage Regulator;
  • Downstream Demand Valve Design
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Easy Breathing Thru-Snorkelator or Cylinder Air Supply
  • Materials: Plastic and Chromed Brass
  • Custom Harness Design
  • Made from Durable Padded Fabric
  • Pockets for Optional Soft Weight Pouches to Offset Buoyancy
  • Complete w/Nylon Webbing Cam Band
  • Cam Band: Equipped w/Rubber Friction Extrusion Pad
  • Squeeze-Style" Side Release Buckle Waist & Sternum Straps
  • Adjustable Shoulders
  • Designed for One Size Fits All
  • D-Ring for Attachment of Accessory Items
  • 19-cu. ft. Aluminum Cylinder
  • Provide Approximately 15-20 Minutes of Dive Time
  • Thread Size: 0.750-14 NPSM
  • Aluminum Alloy Design
  • Won't Rust Like Steel Cylinders
  • Service Pressure: 3000 psi (200 bar)
  • All Catalina Cylinders Meet Certificated Specifications of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) with DOT-3AL 
  • Meet Specification of the Transport Canada Safety and Security (TC) with TC-3ALM
Cylinder Dimensions/Weight/Buoyancy:
  • Height; 17.4" (44.2 cm) 
  • Diameter; 4.38" (11.13 cm) 
  • Weight Full; 7.8 lbs. (3.5 kg) 
  • Buoyancy Full; -1.3 lbs. (589.7 g)
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