Trident Magna-Clip with Coil Lanyard & Brass Clip

By Trident
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We always need to attach more stuff to our equipment to free up our hands when we need them.

Lanyards for lights, cameras, gauges, game bags, or maybe even a fish stringer when spear fishing. Having a few spare clips in your gear bag is a must for the serious diver. With Traylon high energy magnets, the Magna-Clip magnetically connects and disconnects one handed. It holds up to 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) of weight. It's easy to connect and easy to release. High strength stretch-coils provide up to 36" (91.4cm) connected security to consoles, slates, cameras, laser pointers, small lights, fish cards, gauges and more. Clip is a corrosion resistant, marine grade brass spring loaded 360° swivel gate clip for attachment to BCD D-ring and lanyard loop end to attach to accessory. Magna-Clip keeps your accessory or gauge console and the environment protected from damage and close at hand. Magna-Clip with Coil & 2 Split Rings makes a great save-a-dive-kit item.
Magna-Clips may cause compass deviations if placed too close to compass, so make sure to check placement prior to use.


  • Magna-Clip with Coil Lanyard & Brass Clip:
  • Traylon High Energy Magnets
  • Magna-Clip: Magnetically Connects & Disconnects
  • Allows One Hand Operation
  • Protects Equipment & Environment
  • Swivel Gate Clip for Attachment to Gear
  • Corrosion Resistant, Marine Grade Brass Spring Loaded 360° Swivel Gate Clip
  • Lanyard Loop for Attachment to Console or Accessory
  • High-Stretch Coil Lanyard
  • Coil Provide Up to 36" (91.4cm)of Stretch
  • Holding Power: 4 lbs. (1.8 kg)
  • Uses: Consoles, Slates, Cameras, Laser Pointers, Small Lights, Fish Cards, Gauges and More!
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
  • Caution: Magnets Can Affect Compass Readings when Close to Compass