Trident Silicone Grease 100% Pure Lubricant

This is Silicone Grease 100% Pure Lubricant for Scuba Regulators and More Ideal for use on: Rubber products such as O-rings Regulator and valve system components Breathing apparatus, B.C.D.s, hoses, cylinder O-rings, pressure systems, cameras Trident Brand Silicone Grease is formulated to permeate rubber surfaces to provide deep, long lasting conditioning Treated products resist drying and cracking and provide a better seal. Also great to waterproof flashlights, medical equipment, electrical connectors, pipe fittings and anywhere resistance to moisture and degradation is desired Ideal for lubricating moving metal parts Permeates the surface of materials for thorough lubrication Preserves rubber, plastic and metal Reduces damage caused by sticking or exposure to the elements Superior oxidation resistance and water repellency Remains pliable even after extended use 100% pure Food Grade Non-flammable, non-toxic formula Silicone Grease 100% Pure Silicone Lubricant is a small investment for protecting your expensive gear. Treat your equipment right and get years worth of enjoyment.