UK Light Cannon eLED (L1) w/ NiMH Battery/Charger | Pistol Grip | Safety Yellow

  • 2100 lumens on High / 900 lumens on Low setting
  • Burn time of 2 hrs on High / 5.5 hrs on Low
  • Uses a rechargeable airline safe NiMH Battery Pack - good for checked or carry-on baggage
  • Waterproof to 500 ft / 150 m
  • Triple high intensity LED array for maximum brightness

The rechargeable UK Light Cannon eLED L1 is the latest, and brightest dive light from Underwater Kinetics. Taking advantage of Underwater Kinetics patented optics technology that combines the light from three LEDs into a single, penetrating beam with minimal spill light, the Light Cannon L1 blows away the competition. Producing a massive 2100 lumens on high power mode, this light is bright enough to light up a reef on a night dive and maintain visibility of your surroundings in the darkness. It's also fantastic for exploring the interiors of wrecks, caves, or other hard to see areas. Underwater Kinetics optics technology focuses most of the lumens in the center of the beam, so that unlike other light manufacturers, you actually get the full benefit of the light's lumen rating. Some companies may have over 50% of the light lost as peripheral spill light, so that you're getting a much dimmer light than advertised. At UK, you always get what you buy - and what you get helps you see everything, any time of day.

The rechargeable NiMH battery pack is an airline-safe, long-life, rechargeable battery pack that is great for the traveling diver who wants to avoid paying Island prices for alkaline cells which may have been sitting on the shelve for who knows how long! With the rechargeable battery pack the light provides a whopping 2100 lumens of brightness for a burn time of 2-hours in high-mode and 900 lumens of brightness in low-mode for 5.5-hours of burn time. Tough, non-corroding build from a composite plastic that does not chip, scratch, dent or corroded and is rated to 500' (152.4 meters). The bezel reflector is manufactured from HYDRALUM and engineering polymer component that will hold up for 20 years in seawater. The light measures (L x W x H) 7.30" x 7.10" x 3.20" (18.54 cm x 18.03 cm x 8.13 cm), weighs 36 oz. (1,029 g), and is proudly made in the USA. Light comes with a wrist lanyard, battery charger and owner's manual.

$330.00 USD

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