XS Scuba Quick-Attach Single Weight Pocket

Pocket allows quick-addition of up to 5 lbs(2.27 kg) of block or soft lead in each pocket without slide over the end of a webbing belt.
Weight is secured from slippage or loss with quick attachment with double hook and loop closure at bottom of pocket. Pockets are also an easy addition to XS Scuba's weight belts or harness systems. Weight pocket is black in color.
  • Works with BCD, harness, weight belts
  • Resin coated nylon with Velcro release
  • Accepts block or soft lead
  • Easy to install, Secure from slippage

Do you teach diving, do you find the need for additional weight on certain dives, and is your trim in the water not exactly as you want it? All these needs can be met with XS Scuba's Quick-Attach Single Weight Pocket. Pocket is great when teaching when you need to quickly add additional weight to a new student. When you change exposure suits or add layers of neoprene for warmth, or you keep leaning in one-direction or the other when fining and want to correct you're trim.

  • Great for Quickly-Add Additional Weight
  • Use for Students, Changes in Exposure Suits, Trim, Layering and More!
  • Quick-Addition of Up to 5 lbs. (2.27 kg) of Block or Soft Lead
  • Quick-Attachment with Double hook and loop Closure to 2" (5cm) Webbing Belt
  • Works with BCD, Harness or Weight Belt Webbing
  • Construction: Resin Coated Nylon with a hook and loop Release
  • Easy-Addition to XS Scuba's Weight Belts or Harness Systems
  • Color: Black
$9.95 USD $15.00

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Color: Black